Green, yes we are!


Safety and responsibility for environment begins at the design stage of each product, the specification of materials and components, right through to the production method.


The Catcube is made of recycled cardboard. No glue, no toxic chemicals, just eco-friendly ink, so it can be recycled too.

A Belgian design



The Cat Cube is designed and developed in Belgium by graphic designer Delphine Courier. For it's production, Cat Cube collaborates with different Belgian ventures. Budalab Kortijk, for example, made it possible to start with a limited production.


Together with 7 other designers, this project has been supported by MARKED, an organisation by designplatform Limburg and the city of Genk. Curious about the other designers? Take a look at them here.



Pistache's favourite material


I went for cardboard as a material because it's environementally friendly and, well, it’s Pistache’s (my cat) favorite material for all sitting on, rolling on, rubbing against and other this-is-mine activities. Plus, it’s lightweight and sturdy because it's geometrical form.


By adding a colourfull print, the Cat Cube doesn't look like an ordinary carboard box, but a nice object that fits in any mordern house.


Easy to assemble


The Cat Cube is offered in a flat package, that makes it good for transport. You won't need any glue or other material to assemle the package in a house and you don't have to be very craftily to assemble, instructions are included.

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Idea & design Cathouse by Delphine Courier

Styling: Davy Roox, Delphine Courier, Lisa Norman

Photos: Lisa Norman - Fantastic cat: Cleo - Video: Virginie Surriano